The Courage to Continue

I just finished watching Darkest Hour. Before I read all the negative “not accurate, fiction vs history” reviews,  I want to report that I enjoyed it.  4 out of 5 stars. I like having my soul stirred because then I can face the truth that I live every day. This is how I feel about us – the United States. We must stand our ground on what matters – our native soul being one of them. (ha that’s one of those Freudian slips – meant to type soil but soul works too). Freedom is another. Anyway, I highly recommend it. Now I am ready to watch Dunkirk which kind of scared me before.



I am always quick to meld my soul with the message or perhaps a particular character in a story or movie and find the life application.

I feel the aging process gaining ground on me and I hate it.  I’ve allowed it too much leeway already.  While I am doing more walking and testing myself with house cleaning tasks I’ve put off, I have not tried my “mettle” enough lately.  When did standing on a step stool and cleaning off the layer of grease and dust on top of the fridge become so difficult?  And it’s not just the physical, it’s the mental and identity struggles.  I don’t really even know what I can or can’t do anymore because I’ve been afraid to try.

What takes courage about all this? Going it alone with my sword to break the thorny vines that are growing around the castle. How did the British fight off Hitler?  They stood together and they got outside help. I need to connect with my family and friends who are also fighting the aging battle and we need outside help.

As I have expressed before, I am not a social person. Yet herein lies the strength I need. I am both a leader and a follower, yet I’ve isolated myself. But that has to change if I am to win this battle. And it’s not a battle where the victor walks away with the prize, it’s a battle to stand my ground for the next 20 years or however long I may survive this life. The courage to continue requires others.





  1. The best thing I did in my late 60’s was to join a very small local gym. There I work out with several women in their 60’s and 70’s with a trainer. None of them would I have met if I hadn’t ventured out. We get to compare challenges and work on our balance(none of us could get up on a stool without fear of falling.) It is reassuring to be around others with similar physical changes.

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  2. Growning older isn’t easy. I see all these laughing, running, traveling people over 60 on TV and I always wonder why I don’t have the energy or great life they do. But we all have our own great life. It’s just most of us stiffen up as we get older; we forget things, knock things over, wander aimlessly sometimes. But that’s the payment for all the wonderful things that have happened in our lives. I find youth again in my grandkids….even though I can’t always keep up. Don’t worry about the rest.


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