First out of the Gate – Genealogy

I’ve accomplished my first March goal – to attend the monthly meeting  of the Southern Indiana Genealogical Society and I’m excited.  The last time I remember attending a meeting like this was a couple of decades ago when we lived in Thousand Oaks, CA. I should get extra points for going after work and driving at night (darn potholes).

Genealogy people have their own culture – slang, authority figures, meccas, accoutrements, skill sets – and are very social due to the fact they want to pick your brain for anything you might know or have that they can “assimilate” into their “collective” data about their family line. However, they are also good team players and love to work on projects together and share their latest discoveries. I’m hoping I will find my partner here.

Last night’s speaker, Nancy Simmons Roberson, was an excellent presenter. Her topic was creating online photo / memory books and having them published to share. I gleaned quite a bit from her tips. She warned us to start small, so I will.  I loved how she talked about how genealogists are addicted to doing the research but they don’t complete the process by pulling it together so that other family members will appreciate their history. So true about me.

Book table with examples – the small cards on the right are regular playing cards with family pictures like three children of a particular family on the 3 of spades.

genealogy photo books

I turned in my membership application and $15 check.  I felt perfectly comfortable the whole time.  About half the people sat up front and the other half sat near me in the back. Next month – I’m up front. After my questions about what to write in the books, another member came up and introduced herself to me and had a suggestions.

I’m not sure I’m up for the all day Indiana Genealogical Society Conference yet though. I’ll have to take off a day of work for that. We’ll see.



  1. Good for you! I love discovering new subcultures like that. I dipped into Indiana history this week while writing about Indiana-born Harvey Wiley, the founder of the FDA. He got in trouble while teaching at Purdue for–riding a bicycle!


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