2018 Classics & Non Fiction Challenges

Well I thought for sure I had posted about joining Karen K.’s  Back to the Classics 2018 reading challenge but maybe not. Reading is a hot topic with me these days. There are 12 books in this challenge but you don’t have to do all 12 to join.

The books I’ve tentatively chosen to meet the classics challenge are:

A 19th century classic Wives and Daughters

Elizabeth Gaskill

A 20th century classic
Read Jan 14
A Room With A View

E. M. Forster

A classic by a woman author The Great Sophy

Georgette Heyer

A classic in translation Angelique

Anne & Serge Golon

A children’s classic The Coral Island

J. M. Ballantyne

A classic crime story, fiction or non-fiction Calamity Town

Ellery Queen

A classic travel or journey narrative, fiction or non-fiction Cape Cod

Henry David Thoreau

A classic with a single-word title Ivanhoe

Sir Walter Scott

A classic with a color in the title The Woman in White

Wilkie Collins

A classic by an author that’s new to you Mrs. Mike

Benedict & Nancy Freedman

A classic that scares you War and Peace

Leo Tolstoy

Re-read a favorite classic Persuasion

Jane Austen


At the risk of biting off more than I can chew I’m adding a 2nd reading challenge this year via DeweyDewey. Cute name 🙂

I’m not choosing books on this challenge just yet. I have chosen one of the several different versions of the challenge (you can even make your own). I like the one where you chose a book from each one of the Dewey categories.

Read a book from the 000s – Computer science, information & general works
Read a book from the 100s – Philosophy and psychology
Read a book from the 200s – Religion
Read a book from the 300s – Social Sciences
Read a book from the 400s – Language
Read a book from the 500s – Pure Science
Read a book from the 600s – Technology
Read a book from the 700s – Arts and Recreation
Read a book from the 800s – Literature
Read a book from the 900s – History and Geography

So yeah – 10 more books for a total of 22.


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